Friday, August 1, 2008

La vida

Dawn has been spending her days at her apartment in the North side of chicago.  She attends outpatient physical and occupational therapy at RIC.  We just went to the doctor the other day and he said her knee is looking better.  He took some samples to be sent to the lab and has not completely ruled out surgery, but is optimistic that it will heal on its own.  Once the lab results are back and everything looks good, she will be able to start therapy using her leg prosthetics.  She uses her arm prosthetics to do daily activities such as picking up the phone and eating and will continue to practice using them to perfect these activities.  She is constantly surrounded by friends, family and her boyfriend Scott, who has been amazing throughout all of this.  She continues to be an inspiration for all of us and is very optimistic.  We are always laughing as we adventure through this journey and learn new things.  Humor is our sanity!  She is living life as, dining out, going to the movies, playing with her nieces and nephew and hanging out with friends and family.  Life is good and as she gains more independence it will only get better!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn, I recently heard about you from my dear friend, Julie Pata, who I believe is a friend of your friend Tina Boogren. Julie is a school counselor in Douglas County, Colorado. I too went to Africa (with Julie) and I too got malaria and became septic in a hospital in Denver. I ended up losing my right hand as a result. I almost lost my other limbs as well.

I don't know very much about your situation but I wanted to offer my support to you in any way I can. It sounds like you are a real trooper with a lot of great, close friends. I hope your rehab center is as wonderful as mine was in Denver. I have only a hand prosthesis (but have three different models) but have continued on with my career as a flight attendant for Delta Airlines...and I never quit traveling!

Please add me to your contact list and feel free to be in touch. If you are well-supported enough, just know that there is yet one more person out there rooting and praying for you!

Sincerely, Julie Emery

Anonymous said...

I am going to go on the assumption that no new news is good news?? I check daily to see how Dawn is doing and sure hope that is the case!!
Take care Dawn - you are an inspiration and your friends are amazing!!
kerrie adams
toledo, oh