Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nothing But Nets

A special thanks to Diego Gutierrez of the Chicago Fire and his wife Ginna for being our special guests at the Benefit.  Since over 2100 people attended the benefit, it was difficult to hear Diego's important message about Malaria, a leading killer of children in Africa.  To learn more about their grassroots campaign Nothing But Nets please visit their website at www.NothingButNets.net.

Or to join Diego and Ginna on their fundraising team visit the following address: 

For just $10, you can purchase a bed net that will get distributed to a family and educate them on its use.

Thank you to both of them for being at the benefit!

Lastly, please check www.luv-a-dub.org to see if you were a raffle winner!
(Cole, thanks for the above info!)

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