Saturday, December 27, 2008

Peaceful times

I saw Dawn yesterday and she was doing the best I've seen her after a surgery.  She ate a little and would make humorous comments from time to time.  She slept and was quite peaceful and comfortable most of the time I was there.  Her knee looks good and they check to see if the blood is flowing well every so far so good.  I'm sure she is currently planning her escape!


basil76 said...

Hello Dawn and family,

Great to hear that things are on the improve there and 2009 is able to be a year of hope and new promise for you all.

Although you haven't met me, I have been been following dawns progress for some time , since Kristen told me of the situation back in March.

My thoughts and prayers have been with you ever since.

Although it ended up not being a large contribution, I hope the signed books I sent you were able to help in some small way.

Happy new year to you Dawn and to your incredible family who have ( as well as you )inspired a lot of people who have heard your story.


Joyce said...

I read your story outloud to my kids as we were driving to Thanksgiving dinner. Wow, what strength you have shown! You are amazing. I imagine there are many difficult times - know that you have many out there supporting you.
Also, I recommend reading Elizabeth Lesser's book "Broken Open" - a very well written personal story by the founder of the Omega Institue on how life's most difficult lessons (the ones we certainly don't choose) are often the ones that push us to new heights and growth.
I wish you the best.

ps. Elizabeth Lesser also worked with Oprah on the Eckhart Tolle series which was skyped for 10 weeks - see Spirit section (not that I am a big oprah fan but Eckhart TOlle is a great teacher - very authentic)