Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A small step back

Hello everyone!  Sorry I have not been keeping up with the updates, but hopefully you have been reading the CarePages because Coley has been doing a great job.  Last Tuesday, Dawn and I went to see Dr. Gottlieb because her other knee was not looking good.  It was then that he informed us that she would have to have surgery.  It's crazy, because the knee she was having trouble with a couple of months ago was just about healed and then the other knee started to get infected.  So she went in for surgery today around 2pm at University of Chicago and it will take about 5 hours.  Let's keep Dawn in our thoughts and hope for a quick recovery so she can start her therapy on her leg prosthesis.  She has been so remarkable and has come so far. We'll be thinking of you D, STAY STRONG! 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn-
If your wounds are not healing after surgery, try putting your own urine on your legs. I tried this after my own surgery based on my husband's recommendation who is a naprapath. My wound healed very quickly. It is worth a try. Try Googling urine therapy and read it for yourself. Good luck and keep up your courage!
Susan & Spiro Spiropoulos